Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little talks

Tonight, I whispered small words to my small girl. Telling her she was getting so big and she was turning 3 this next weekend. She smiled as she watched our conversation in her closet mirror. She watched her smile grow and my awe grow with it. I admired her conversational mind and the sharpness in her eyes.

She snuggled into my lap as I started to sing our lullaby.

"Stay awake"
"don't rest your head."
"Don't lie down"
"Upon your bed..."

And I couldn't keep the tears away. She couldn't fit on my lap. Her limbs stretched so long they could hardly tuck into her chest. Her hair smelled like it always has, like a baby. But she wasn't. And the tears running past my lips onto her sweet hair protested the time passing too quickly.

But it has and it will.

To see God in this sweet little thing, that has grown too big for my swaying, is obvious. And it's so easy to thank God for her, for your child. But it's also easy to grow exasperated with Him at the speed life passes. I need more time with my little girl before she's a big girl and she's too big for me and my songs. For our little talks.

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