Thursday, May 15, 2014

In this post I talk a lot about Boo-Bees.

Don't look at all of my tabs - I'm working on a project so just don't talk about it.

What do you notice here, besides a lot of boobs? 

I've been desperate for a new bra. When I say desperate, I mean the last bra I bought was when I was nursing and in a C cup and I'm wearing old B cups that don't fit because when I stopped nursing I shrunk to an A cup but bra shopping sucks bollucks so I just work with what I have (or don't have). That's what bra desperation looks like.

So, I saw a sponsored ad on Facebook for something that sounded a little bit like Stitch Fix for bras. 
Perfect. Someone else pick my bras out and mail them to me - that is where my life is at right now.

So I start perusing the bras and opening up the ones I like in new tabs (here, there is where my internet tab problem happens but we're not talking about that). At some point I realize that some of the styles I like aren't available in baby sizes. Baby sizes being an A cup or training bra which is what post baby body looks like sometimes.

I filter the search to my size and my selection is narrowed from "155 styles found" to "15 styles found". Wow. Ok, on the bright side, I don't have to spend too much time making a decision. Out of 15 I think I can find one I like. 

I don't like super padded bras, personally. I feel like I'm 10 with water balloons in my shirt. That being said, what did I notice about EVERY SINGLE OPTION for me?
In the title of each bra is "Push Up" (ok, fine) & "Add 2 Cups". 
WHAT?! I didn't click the "Porno-fy My Boobs" filter option. I checked. 

I just recently learned to not despise my boobs. I really took so much joy in the average sized bosom I had in the latter part of the breastfeeding time. And when I stopped nursing they became a total joke to me - I mean, they were bite size boobies after all - quite laughable. 

I tried to do that whole "lead by example" thing for my girls and worked to embrace my body. I still am, but things like this make that hard sometimes. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing the site (I don't know enough to do that), I'm not dissing small boobs, not dissing large boobs. No boobs are under fire. I just needed to take a minute to point out that things like this happen on the regular which makes women feeling good about themselves harder to find. It makes women loving themselves harder to do. It makes women embracing themselves a less prominent voice.

It makes the game of comparison harder to ignore.

Now I will close that tab, think about how I will acquire a bra within the next year and play Go Fish with my pleading 4 year old.


  1. Nice to see someone experiencing the same things I do. I buy a new bra, oh, once every two years, and I generally have to shop in the juniors or young girls section...if that doesn't make you feel like less of a woman I don't know what will. Every time a small chested woman begins to feel confident, a swimsuit top you can't fill out, a man passing you up for a larger chested friend, or a juniors "nearly A" bra will bring you right down. Sighs indeed.

    1. Ohhh man. Exactly!
      How womanly can you really feel when they're suggesting an extra couple of cup sizes? Haha