Sunday, May 18, 2014

Days of the Week Craft -

My husband and I just recently launched Play Along With Us, a brand new YouTube channel for kids that's fun, funny, educational and doesn't suck. 

Have you even SEEN the crap out there that people poop out and slap the label "KIDS" on it? It's embarrassing - and sometimes flat out insulting!
So we're aiming to change that. 

Check out

So far we have launched a few videos, ranging from the Abc's to Old MacDonald's Farm. Another Play Along video's focus is learning the Days of the Week. That's a concept I have struggled with teaching (and maybe I tried to avoid it and hoped that she would just learn it on her own). There's a small handful of decent songs or activities I found on Pinterest that you can try to use to help teach them the correct sequence of days. Really though, other than pointing to a calendar and chanting the days of the week, there's not a lot of options. 

Enter Play Along

Palmer came up with a catchy song and ridiculous scenario on the YouTube video to visually show the days of the week in their appropriate sequence. 

We also came up with a corresponding craft of our own that incorporates color matching, word recognition and fine motor skills. 
(Oh, boy that sounds so official!)

And, the beautiful thing is this is all you need!
2 copies of a color swatch, 7 clothespins, a sharpie, glue and scissors
I grabbed 2 copies of swatches from 5 different colors because making the Week Chart different colored was appealing to me but you can make it a little easier on yourself and just do one color palate! 

If you're making them colorful: Choose which color you would like to start with. I chose blue so the first square (Sunday) is blue. Next I cut out a green square and glued it onto the second square (Monday) of the blue swatch. Then I cut out a red square and glued it onto the third square (Tuesday). Continue cutting and gluing squares to your heart's content. 

If you're sticking to one color palate: look at how beautiful the colors are and skip all of the aforementioned work.

Then take your second copy of the color swatches and cut out a sample of the matching color squares you previously cut and glued. Glue these samples to the clothespins. 

Finally, write on each clothespin the day of the week that matches the color sample on the clothespin and the color square. (Beginning with Sunday and ending with Saturday.)

I emphasized the beginning of the names of the days because they are often shortened and labeled that way but that part is totally up to you!

Once the glue is dry, match them up! See how many different games you can make with it! 


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