Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marbled Milk Paper

It's springtime so, naturally, we're a little obsessed with rainbows and color.
I've also been desperately trying to find easy crafts that I already have the supplies for to keep my 4 year old busy.

In comes Marbled Milk Painting to save the day!

Thank you to babble dabble do for the idea!

Materials needed:
Milk (I use almond milk)
Dish soap
Q Tips or Toothpicks
Food coloring
Watercolor paper (Unfortunately, we did not have watercolor paper so I used regular ol' computer paper which didn't turn out quite as pretty)
Tray/Shallow dish

Step 1: Cut your watercolor paper to a size that easily fits in your dish/tray. (Keep the trimmed paper nearby, you'll want to work quickly once the colors are swirled!)

Step 2: Pour roughly 3 - 5 tablespoons of milk into the dish. (Enough milk that a thin layer covers the bottom of the dish.)

Step 3: Add drops of different colors of food dye in the milk around the dish.

Step 4: Add drops of dish soap around the food coloring. The dish soap will start interacting with the colors!

Step 5: Use a Q Tip or toothpick to start swirling the colors.

Step 6: Before the colors get too mixed together (like above...) dip one of the sheets of paper into the colors. Press gently. Lift and set aside to dry. Repeat!

We're going to do this again with watercolor paper - it will definitely turn out even more pretty!

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