Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Winning recipes of the last week

I only made one new dinner recipe last week but it was better than I anticipated it to be. It was filling and really easy, I mean easy like - wrap up chicken, stuffing and a veggie with foil and bake it - easy.

Foil-Pack Chicken and Broccoli Dinner (15)
The Recipe
I didn't have the broccoli it called for so I used spinach which still turned out well. It wasn't the best thing I've ever had, but what can go wrong with chicken and stuffing??

The other recipes I tried this week were for breakfasts and snacks but hands down were my favorites!
First up, Breakfasts:
I tried Pancake Squares first. BAKED pancakes. I know, really sketch, but they turned out much better than my pancakes on a griddle ever turn out.

The Recipe

I would suggest adding a little bit of vanilla extract to the batter, but other than that I was really happy with them. Bella asked for thirds...that says enough!

This morning we made "Puffins" - (a cute word for pancake muffins). I am tempted to package them up and sell them - they were fantastic. And I am a self proclaimed TERRIBLE baker.

Mini chocolate chip pancake muffins
The Recipe

I added butterscotch chips to them which is HIGHLY recommended!

Now for snacks:
I hosted a Pampered Chef party this last week that I had made two different snacks for. First I made, oh I wish I could find another name for them, Pretzel Hugs.

The Recipe

They tasted like chocolate covered pretzels but were easier and less messy. Glorious.

I also made a White Pizza Dip which by itself probably equaled my calorie limit for the week...but was amazing so I didn't care about that for very long.

The Recipe

Aaaand you're welcome!

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