Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've been looking forward to fall until...

I started seeing pictures of what is "in style this fall"! Literal oversized grandmother sweaters with collars and prints that look good on only 10% of the population of the world. More prints and patterns found on pants (which I remembered Clinton and Stacy from What Not To Wear scolding people for) and blouses that have been met with revulsion until a cute model wears it under a headline that reads "What's Hot!".

(Comments on this picture most favored the sweater, which reminds me of something from Napoleon Dynamite) mom had this chain print on several garments in the early 90's. I bet she regrets giving those to Goodwill all those years ago.

It's why I can't take fashion as seriously as I used to. I love fashion in general and experimenting in style. I love seeing artists take clothing and make it more and make it beautiful. I love what fashion has done for my self esteem on the worst of days. Who needs a fairy godmother when you have an astounding ensemble?
I guess it's more "trends" that end up frustrating me. How something that is a total "fashion no-no" can turn out being the "Fall Look" if you wait it out long enough. How wearing something that people can look down on you for can later cost everyone else quadruple the amount to replicate because it's what's on the mannequin at H&M or Forever 21. 
I wish I had saved it, but I couldn't help but take a picture of a mannequin from Forever 21 that astounded me. It was adorned with a white winged (meaning the middle of the sleeve connected to the torso at the waist, I don't know a proper word for it) shirt that had 6" long fringe running the span of the "wing". Worn over it were denim overall shorts. 
(This but without the floral print)

Demin overalls have been made fun of for the past 10 years. 
These guys were the last ones I remember wearing overalls when it was only borderline okay.

 GIANT FRINGE has not been okay for the past 20 years, so I understood. But if I knew anything about anything, I should have been prancing in there to pay $80 for it. I am probably just fashion stupid or completely unstylish, but I'm finding this stuff more and more ridiculous as the seasons come and go. I went from confused at the 80's zipper stuff from 2 years ago to angry about collared penguin sweaters.

*EDIT: I found the picture!!

I do NOT mean this to be offensive or mean! If you happen to be reading this and love the idea of wearing overall shorts, that's wonderful. I'll bet you wear them really well. If you have a Peter Pan collared sweatshirt you've been wearing around since 1986, that's wonderful too. If you bought a Peter Pan collared sweatshirt 2 weeks ago because the mannequin was wearing it and you liked it, great. I absolutely don't think any differently of anyone who follows any trend, no matter how ridiculous I think it is. I just had to point out, well, how ridiculous I'm finding them. Just please don't think less of me when I'm still wearing stuff with birds on them and vintagey finds when they're no longer cool. I had vintage purple heels with painted on birds and lyrics to a Bright Eyes song before it was cool. (Why yes, I truly am/was that hipster.)
(I was also wearing zipper legged pants and oversized nature t-shirts all through elementary school. I have mixed feelings about that fact, but there it is.) 

My love/hate relationship with fashion continues into this fall. So while the stylish portion of the population enjoys the fall festivals with patterned and printed butts, I'll be in my jeans and sweater from 2 seasons ago I still love. And either way, as long as you feel great in what you're wearing, it's all good. 

Just know I'll probably be staring wide eyed at your geometric butt. 

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