Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinteresting: DIY Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

I'm very anxious to start working on getting back to a place where I'm comfortable with my body after having a baby. I had read an article (pinned somewhere on one of my boards) that sea salt scrubs can help tighten loose skin after weight loss (or having babies). So I looked into making my own!

I used this recipe for a Lavender Sea Salt Scrub
lavender sea salt scrub diy

I've only used it twice so, obviously, I haven't seen any real change in my appearance but it smells and feels wonderful. It cost me about $15 to make and would serve as great gifts. (The site even has labels you can use if you give them as gifts!) Even if this doesn't magically fix my belly it makes me feel like I'm taking another extra minute to pamper myself and that's well worth it.

My DIY beauty attempts have typically failed and left me out about $10 - $20. So it was a relief that this wasn't another Pinterest fail!

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