Sunday, October 20, 2013

Letter A

At the beginning of 2012, around the time Bella turned 2, I started doing some preschool "curriculum" I compiled through Pinterest focusing on a letter of the alphabet each week. I didn't do a good job documenting everything we did and the things that did and didn't work but I'm diving into it again and wanted to try to do a better job sharing what we do (and how it goes over).

We usually start the week off with a letter coloring page and an accompanying book cover to put our week's worth of letter activities in. I love the ones Mr. Printables offers.

Mr Printables Book Cover
I let Bella color this one and attached it to the finished collection of letter projects she did to put in her keepsake box. (Yup. I'm that mom.)

alphabet coloring pages letter a
Letter A

I also use Tot School Printables to accompany activities throughout the week.

This coloring page is from Enchanted Learning, which feels pretty old school (I had a flashback to 4th grade computer class) but has some good material and quite a variety of activities for a wide age range. 

We took advantage of doing a lot of apple oriented activities. Like one day we went apple picking around the house.
Apple unit | 2012
We also printed off trees I found somewhere and made fingerprint apples, going from 1 - 10 apples per tree. Not that it's necessary but I have a picture somewhere of it and it's driving me crazy that I can't find it. I'll post it as soon as I find it. Bella still needs a refresher on our numerical order so counting games are always good for us.

My absolute favorite resource I found through my homeschool preschool endeavor was Mommy School from Oopsey Daisy's blog. I used almost everything she offered for A is for Apples, including this story board with visual aids. (Sidenote: stories with visual aids are Bella's favorite. So naturally, I printed off every single one.)
It's not the prettiest flannel board anyone's ever seen but I made use of an old sweater and Bella loved it.
Another story she offered with accompanying visual aids:
That fancy looking tree was made out of thrift store sweaters. 


This fall we dove back into the fall themed crafts and activities, which included a lot of apple stuff. (obvs.)
One day we made an apple volcano! I got the idea from Growing A Jeweled Rose, which is a great resource for a lot of other awesome and unique activities.

All you need: vinegar (food dye optional), baking soda and as many apples as you want to destroy.

Next we tried apple stamping.
In honor of all things Halloween and October, we carved a Jack O Lantern face into the apple. 

Ta da!

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