Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Tree Topper

During Christmas of 2012 my tree topper broke and I was actually somewhat thankful that I had a legitimate reason to throw it out (it had been through one too many Christmases and one too many out of city moves). I threw it out knowing I'd be hitting up the after Christmas sales for a new one.

Until Christmas 2013 came around and I realized I was so miserably pregnant last Christmas that I wasn't going anywhere unless it was to get a baby out of my blimp body.

So this year I was tree topless and my tree looked sad (and skanky. I mean, put a top on, seriously.)

And then I remembered I had little chalkboard painted signs I had made for a photo prop and if it had been a terribly produced movie, Christmas choruses would have began sounding.

Let's pretend a child wrote that and not an adult with poor penmanship. It's cuter that way.  

Lo and behold. I did something and thought, "...I should pin that." So I did. Yay, Christmas!

NOTE: If you want yours to look similar to how I made mine, I simply bought a wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby for $1.47, used wood glue and glued it to two wooden skewers (because it's what I had in the kitchen though you really can attach it to anything sturdy. A stick from outside will do.) and then painted it with chalkboard paint. 
My husband would be so proud of the money we saved by my forgetting to buy a tree topper the year before!

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