Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Words I'm Sick of Hearing:

GOP (just stop.)
LIBERALS (I'm obviously done with politics)
CRUNCHY (as in mom. Crunchy mom. Whatever the hell a crunchy mom is.)
YUMMY (No one over the age of 9 should be saying "yummy")
MILLENNIALS (STOP with the labels. I don't need a new label to slap on myself in order to identify with something or someone.)
OBAMACARE (I totally understand that this is a deal and that most everyone has a very strong opinion about it but loudly voicing it isn't changing anything worthwhile.)
SELFIE  (It's not at all cute anymore for you take a selfie and hashtag selfie yourself. Dumb and done.)

 List to be expanded as I find myself increasingly annoyed.

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