Monday, August 6, 2012

A moment with my little Bella

We made a fort with daddy the other day ( and Bella asks almost everyday to build another "fart", which always makes me snicker despite myself).

(The Fort or "Fart")

We had trouble working out a good doorway so a couple of days later I decided we should make a good one. She liked it a lot, but I have a hunch she loved getting messy most of all.

When we were done, she stood up with her arms outstretched and yelled "Ta-Da!". That's definitely one of her favorite things to say.

Speaking of new things she's saying, today she's starting regularly sighing at the end of a statement she disapproves of. For example, when I went upstairs to give her her goodnight kiss, she was scowling. She looked up to me under her furrowed brows and plainly said, " No shong (bedtime song). No bed." * long, distressed sigh*. She was going to bed but she was letting us know how thoroughly unhappy she was about it.
This is after a bath where daddy wouldnt get in his swim trunks and get in with her, which she had a very similar response to.
This girl gets closer to being a pre-teen everyday - and I never thought I would love it do much.

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