Sunday, August 12, 2012

Face Painting

Today was a very bi polar day, to say the least. There were an equal amount of fun events that had me laughing and admiring my growing and hilarious little girl and moments where I nearly threw a public temper tantrum. And it’s easy to feel both completely normal with how confusing and dramatic the day was as it is to wonder how anyone could possibly feel normal with a day like that.

Bella has started being more defiant and ignoring me when I’m trying to talk to her. She hasn’t done that in a long time (since maybe she was a year and a half) and nothing infuriates me quicker than being completely and deliberately ignored. I know it’s normal because she’s done things like this before, where her behavior suddenly is surprisingly bad and she’s testing boundaries constantly. Today was a day I just couldn’t handle it, I guess. And we’ll just blame it on the hormones.

She easily cracked me up today, though. Lately she’s been making songs up about the new baby. We’re not sharing baby’s name until she’s born and ONE time we asked Bella if she liked the name “fill in the blank” and she said, “Yes.” So 2 weeks later when Grandma is admiring her weekly letter artwork, we get to the first letter of that name and we ask what letter is it. She says baby’s name. WHAT?! She said it over and over until Grandma looked to us for translation…which we told her, totally astonished. I never thought Bella would be the one to spill the beans on that one!! She doesn’t talk clearly enough for most people to understand her, luckily! But I’m afraid by December, who knows how well she’ll be telling everyone?

Anyway, it’s totally adorable. She was in the back of the car on our way to a block party singing, “Baby, ___ Baby, ____” and when daddy sang it too she angrily said, “NO! MY baby ____” This Mama thought that was pretty adorable, but she’s not the one who’s been excruciatingly constipated for days. If it’s her baby, let’s trade.

In the same car ride we were talking about the block party and that there would be face painting, which Bella told daddy was silly. “You don’t paint on your face,“ was her thought, which makes sense. “Yes, you can,” said Daddy, “ You can get a Baa baa or a kitty or a butterfly! On your face, or on your hand, wherever you want!” So this thought eventually went to her saying, “A Baa baa, a church, on my booty.”

…OMG. That’s my daughter. She was kind of obsessed with church today and brought it up several times in different conversations.
She had a wonderful time in KIDS jumping in the bouncy house and got to help tear down at church, which included a little impromptu show with Daddy. Maybe that's why she talked about church all day. :)

So, her suddenly talking about Baabaa, church and painting on her booty wasn’t totally shocking …but was still pretty surprising. I’m still laughing about it. I love her.
And here she is getting her face painted for the first time! I was surprised she was actually going through with it. Normally she would have wanted to observe and then MAYBE get something painted on her hand or something. I'm proud of her!

And yes, she got a Baabaa on her cheek, but not the one on her booty. :)

And a kitty on the other cheek :)

Several other things happened today outside of our family unit to contribute to the downs, which made the day more uncontrollably bi polar. But at the end of the day, I got my “Mama Muah” (Mama goodnight kiss) that smelled like bananas and hotdogs which made most of the stress and darkness from the day melt away pretty quickly.

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