Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letter K and other fun

I was trying to work on a letter a week with Bella and Emmett (an almost 2 year old who I watch a few days a week) and became so discouraged with their lack of interest that I decided to take a break for a while. I had a lot of fun doing it but it was much more stressful to get them to follow directions and listen to what I was trying to introduce (whether it be a craft or activity) than it was rewarding -  and I would end up finishing their crafts. So after a summer long break we jumped back in with K this week.

Our week got busy so we didn't do everything I had planned, but we did get to wear "K" pouches and hop like a kangaroo in a hunt for K's around the house.

They were SO over standing still for the camera. :) They both needed their loves - Baabaa and Bandit - if they were going to do any more pictures. I also asked them to point to their letter K's, which they're so enthusiastically doing. :) I love how unfiltered toddlers are...sometimes. 
There's a K!!
Putting a K in her pouch

At the end of the day, this was probably their favorite thing to do. You'd think I'd remember that by now. :)

And this is our fort with a brand new front door installed, thanks to daddy.

Today it was just Bella and I so I worked on cleaning the carpets and other housework that I can never get on top of (even now, there's a sink full of dirty dishes that accumulated after dinner). 
Bella was so patient with me while I cleaned and my back hurt so much I couldn't play on the floor with her so she happily compromised and played on the couch with me. She's acting more and more grown up in the way that she seems to understand my limitations with a growing baby belly. I wish I could know what she truly comprehends about the new baby. She seems to get it unquestioningly, with for a 2 and a half year old is very surprising to me. I remember when we first told her that there was a baby in Mama's belly she studied my belly and then responded like, "Oh, ok. That makes sense." She even gets that daddy doesn't have a baby and most other people don't have babies in their bellies, just Mama. I know she's my daughter and I'm kind of supposed to think she's amazing...but I think she's astonishingly smart. 

After nap time I decided to make time for something for just her and I to do and I had seen on another blog earlier in the week an idea I wanted to try with her: meting hard candy into cookie cutters to make new suckers. Awesome!
First we sorted the like colors. Then we crushed them, which I thought would be the best part, silly me. Eating them was all she was interested in and of course I can't blame her. 

Going into the oven...

whoops....I didn't think about the heart cookie cutters being plastic...
If you do try this, the trick was to wait until the perfect time to pop them out. I tried taking the butterfly out when it was still too pliable. I almost waited too long to take out the train, though. I'm always bad at these kinds of things but at least most of them were salvageable/edible! 

"Smile with your suckers!"

Overall, a success

We poked a hole in four of them and hung them up in the window. Palmer said it looks like a rose and a strawberry, which we're pretending was intentional.

After all that, we painted our nails and watched a show. She sat like this the whole time. Have I mentioned I love my little girl?
Today was a lazy day, but we worked a little bit more on the letter K. We gathered keys and put paper over them to make a rubbed stencil drawing of the keys we found. She enjoyed it for all of 30 seconds and then wanted to just color the page, which was totally fine. 

After that was snacktime and I told her we should try to find some letter K snacks. She automatically made  binoculars with her hands up to her eyes and helped me scour the pantry. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything so we settled on a snack that had the letter K somewhere in it, which ended up being animal crackers. Lucky for us though, one of the first 4 animals we pulled out of the box was a kangaroo! 

And now I have to post funny pictures I found.

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