Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Potty Training Day 2

Bella's already filled one row of stickers!! YES! My girl is kicking butt!!
That is 5 STICKERS! 5 times going pee in the potty! With only 2 accidents! 

That means tomorrow morning we go to McDonalds for breakfast and to play at the playplace. :) I really didn't like that she earned her Big 5 Reward right before bedtime because she couldn't actually see the reward until tomorrow but we tried to still make a really big deal about it before bed. Hopefully she's excited about it tomorrow and the progress continues! High fives all around!

Now the next obstacles I'm looking over are how to get her to poop in the potty and how to get to her to stay dry during the night. I know I'm TOTALLY jumping (another big and scary) gun with that one and that those are things that I have time to worry about later. Those are ideas that make absolutely no sense to me. First thing's first, though.

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