Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Tuesday

Today we woke up tired, took no nap and went to bed a frazzled mess, but everything in between was filled with the moments I dreamt parenting to be.

We went to the library for a storytime with corresponding snack (which what kid wouldn't love?!)

I totally love that Baabaa travels around with us now because usually I look in the rear view mirror and see her either dancing to whatever music we're listening to or happily smiling at me in the mirror. :) Bella and Baabaa - forever friends!

Rollin like pros in the double stroller despite the rain! 

Baabaa had to stay in the car but she brought Hissy in with her, who she was seen pal-ling around with most of the day.

Watermelon fishes

This girl has a newfound love for watermelon!

And then Daddy and Bella were tigers from dinnertime to bedtime. She was growling so fiercely she actually really freaked our cat, Bemmetts, out. 

And to end my Tuesday I have to share some pictures I found.

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